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Since 1983, when we started production work, applying university based knowledge to job-site and laboratory skills has never been this rewarding for our customers. What we do in essence is listening to you, visualizing your vision and offering compatible design and pertaining pricing. You choose and then we discuss the details of the product. No matter how complicated or small is the project, we will help you. Our business benefits from having experienced engineers and technicians who stablished a high standard quality control system throughout the factory which minimizes the possibility of any errors. Couples years ago, we started to make construction material testing equipment here in Canada, even with better design and higher quality. As usual, we considered applicable standards like ASTM, AASHTO, CAS and EN to all our products. We care about people and about environment. That is why we always find a way to make earth a cleaner place for our next generation. Re-usable plastic molds are one of the innovations toward our mission. We are able to design, draw, modify, digitalize or automate a machine that fits the needs of our customers. Bring us your problem, we will manufacture your solution.

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