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Micro-Deval Apparatus

The CANTROL Micro-Deval testing machine is designed and used to determine aggregates’ resistance to wear of aggregates. The Micro-Deval Machine meets current ASTM, AASHTO, and Canadian test methods, as well as more stringent Texas DOT requirements. The integrated automatic counter can either be preset to a total number of revolutions or maximum working time. Jars stop within a fraction of one revolution at test termination. Jar revolution and speed data may also be used as a verification of machine performance The Micro-Deval is constituted of a sturdy steel frame which can receive 2 stainless jars together. The jars are made of stainless steel with diameter and height according to standards (diameter within 194 mm and height 174 mm) and are complete with cover and locking device. A 750W, single phase electric motor through a gear transmission and chain drives the rubber-covered rollers. The unit is supplied with two stainless steel jars (container). The two sets of 5,500g abrasive charges Model: 1417014 or Model:1417016 should be ordered separately. the containers or chargers for EN Standard should be ordered separately also.

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