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Compression Device 50x50x50mm - 2×2inch                            2222010

EN 196-1, EN 1015-11, DIN 1164, ISO 679, ASTM C348


Material Dimension Weight
Galvanized Steel 160x153xh185 mm 11 kg

Robust frame fitted with an upper platen with spherical seat that moves vertically sustained by a spring. The apparatus can be placed and centered directly on the lower machine platen. The 50-C9030, conforming to EN 196 is designed to test portions of 40x40x160 prisms broken in flexure, while the 50-C9032, conforming to ASTM C109, fitted with compression platens 75 mm dia., and a vertical daylight of 53 mm is used to test 50mm/2” cubes and other little samples

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