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Rice Testing Shaker for Vacuum Pycnometer

CANTROL Rice test shaker perform consistent, automatic agitation of Asphalt Rice Test vacuum pycnometers. The shaker features a built-in 0-99 min, digital timer with ±0.5 second accuracy. As well as a digital vibration speed controller The heavy-duty, vibrating, de-airing agitator keeps sample material loose for more reliable test results. The unit features strong, rugged-duty vibrators. Quick-release fasteners allow quick placement and removal of canister easily. it is also a useful deairing device for specific gravity tests of fine aggregates (ASTM C128) and soils (ASTM D854), as well as sample preconditioning per ASTM D4867 and AASHTO T 283. Cantrol Rice test shaker advantages: 1-Variable vibration control allows for setting optimum agitation 2-Repeatable agitation for Asphalt Rice Test and other specific gravity deairing operations 3-Automatic operation minimizes operator error and frees technician from hand agitation. Vacuum Pycmomrter Set, 4.34litre (2000gr), 7.5in*6in, made of Aluminum, w/ plexi glass extra cap Model: 1616016 should be ordered separately.

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