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Hydraulic Forced Action Concrete Pan Mixer, 160 Litre 2615241


Capacity PowerSupply OilCapacity Drum Speed Dimension Weight
160 Litre 4Kw, 380/415V, 60Hz. 35 Litre 30-33 rpm 1560 x 1150 x 1200 mm 580Kg

It is essential that the mixing of fresh concrete for laboratory test samples is thorough and consistent. The CANTROL Concrete Mixer is ideally suited for this purpose. The mixer has been developed to give efficient mixing of both wet and dry materials. The mixing pan is removable and tilts for easy access to the pan and emptying on completion of the mixing operation. Three fixed paddle blades balance the flow of material into a defined path creating a forced mixing action, and the side scraper blade prevents the material from building up on the side of the pan and also diverts the mix back into the flow of material. Drive to the pan only commences when the mixing head is introduced into the pan, but the drive is controlled to start prior to the blades touching the material, thus allowing the blades to screw through the mix to give the least amount of resistance to the blades to find their true operating positions Both the head and the tipper are hydraulically powered through a hydraulic pump driven by a 4 kW electric motor. The hydraulic reservoir and electric motor are grouped together at the rear of the mixer, and all operating controls are fitted close together for ease of use. The head of the mixer is covered with a safety head guard with sight apertures incorporated. Safety guards are also mounted around three sides of the mixer giving full protection from all moving parts of the machine. Spare parts, such as replacement blades and pans, are readily available from stock. However, wear is kept to a minimum by the hard facing applied to the leading edges of the blades, and the heavy-duty pan supplied ensures long life. Capacity: 160 Litre *Designed for factory production *Suitable for mixing a wide range of materials from dry, semi-dry to wet *Complete with mixing pan *Robust steel construction *Safety guarding to head, pan and motor, gearbox and around of machine *All spares readily available

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