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Full Automatic GFRC Flexural machine, 50KN capacity

Full Automatic GFRC Flexural & Uniaxial Machine, 50KN capacity, 1N accuracy, sturdy structure with two S. Steel columns, capable of drawing stress-deflection graph for 6 specimens, individually or 6 graph in one page for comparison, capable of transferring data and result to PC with RS232 or USB( cable is included) 60*0.01mm accuracy for deflection stroke, pace of rate is variable and pre-set digitally from1-10mm/min. 7 in touch screen FTF display made by Fatek, Taiwan, 50 KN S. Steel load cell. The four point flexural device is included for specimens of sizes 50mm to 120mm wide and 20mm to 300 mm length. Software of transferring data and drawing graphs and calculation of stress are included. Meet the ASTM C947, this machine is offered in two versions.

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