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Standard Vicat Set Apparatus 2215020

ASTM C187, C191
AASHTO T129, T131
EN 196-3, 480-2


Material Dimension Weight
Cast Aluminum Body 140x190x290mm 2.5 kg

Cement Vicat apparatus is used to determine the setting time and consistency of cement by Vicat method. The device main frame is made of cast aluminum. The cement vicat apparatus set consists of:
  • An aluminum frame
  • Graduated scale with index
  • Conical bakelite mold
  • Sliding probe of 300 g
  • Consistency plunger with 10 mm dia.
  • Base glass plate
  • Initial needle 1 mm dia

Accessories you may need:

Conical bakelite Mold
Model: 2215030
Dim: dia.60 Dia. 70 H 40 mm
Material: Bakelite
Weight: 100g
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Initial Set Needle
Model: 2215040
Dim: Dia. 1mm
Material: Steel
Weight: 13g
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Model: 2215050
Dim: Dia. 10mm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 13g
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Base Plate
Model: 2215060
Dim: 100x100mm
Material: Glass
Weight: 100g
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Standard Needle Meets EN
Model: 2215080
Dim: Dia. 1.13mm
Material: Steel
Weight: 14g
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