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Cement Mortar Mixers

Cantrol designs and manufactures two major types of mixers.These high quality mortar mixers provide laboratories with the best quality mixers available. All mixers provide 4.7 lit stainless steel bowl and stainless steel paddles.Simple and manual mortar mixer:Heavy-duty construction of aluminum and steel sheet provides durability and long service life. The mixing bowl is connected to the mixer by a quick release clamping system.The clearance between the bowl and the paddle is 3±1mm and can be set easily. The micro-switch prevents the machine from starting without bowl and emergency button is installed for safety. Two speeds are set in machine 140-285rpm for revolving action and 62-125 rpm for planetary action.All steps of mixing like timing, speeds, delays and steps of adding cement, water etc. will progress automatically and are shown on a 7” touchscreen LCD.

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