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Shrinkage Limit Set, w/ plastic box 2811090

ASTM D427, AASHTO T92, UNI 10014, UNE 103-108, NF P94-060, BS 1377:2


1.2 kg

Shrinkage Limit Set is used to determine the maximum moisture content at which the soil does not shrink after drying the sample. Shrinkage limit set consists of: 1- Shrinkage prong plate, made from plexiglass material with three metal prongs. 2- Glass evaporating dish, Ø 120 mm flat bottom. 3- Shrinkage dish, Ø 45x12.7 mm (2 pieces) 4- Crystallizing dish, Ø 57x32 mm 5- Flexible spatula 6- Graduated glass cylinder, 25ml

Accessories you may need:

Shrinkage Dish. Stainless Steel
Model: 2811110
Material: Stainless Steel
Dim: Dia4.5x17mm
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Shrinkage Dish
Model: 2811100
Material: Glass
Dim: Dia 90mm
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Spatula 25mm width
Model: 2811120
Material: Stainless Steel, Dim(LxWxH): 15x190x25mm
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