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Complete Set For Sand Equivalent Test 2812100

ASTM D2419
AASHTO T176, T210


Sand equivalent test qualifies the relative abundance of sand versus clay in soil.Cantrol sand equivalent test set includes all components of standard set:
  • Plexiglas measuring cylinder QTY: 4
  • Rubber stopper QTY: 4
  • Irrigator tube
  • Weighted foot assembly for sand level
  • Standard stocks solution 1000 ml
  • Plastic wide-mouth funnel
  • Measuring S. Steel cup
  • Digital stopwatch , with carton carrying case

Accessories you may need:

Clear Plastic Graduated Cylinders for sand equivalent test
Model: 2812103
Dim: 100x100x435mm
Weight: 280g
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Weighted-Foot Assembly,1000 g, All Stainless Steel
Model: 2812104
Dim: 50x470mm
Weight: 1000g
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Measuring Tin( S. Steel), 85 cc
Model: 2812106
Capacity: 38cc
Weight: 50g
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Irrigator Tube , stainless steel material
Model: 2812105
Weight: 100g
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