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Automatic Soil Compactor 2814011

ASTM D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, D1883
AASHTO T99, T180, T193
EN 13286-47
BS 1377-4

PowerSupply Dimension Weight
1/2hp, 110V, 60Hz, 1ph 260x430x1500mm 90kg

Automatic Soil Compactor is designed to compact specimens automatically and uniformly, based on international standards.Impact handling is a unique feature of this machine that is performed by two standard weights for soil samples. The plate on which the mold is placed has an automatic rotation for each subsequent impact to be applied to another surface of the soil.5.5 and 10 lb weights are includedAdjustable height for 12 and 18 inches.Preset digital timerAll procedures of compacting process are done automaticallyMolds table holder rotates automatically based on standardBaked power painting.Dimension: W*D*H (260x430x1500 mm)Weight: 90 kg, 198 lbPower supply: 110V, 60Hz., single phase, 1800W. 220V, 50Hz., single phase, 1800W.Equipped with 4,6 inch and CBR mold.Compactor automatically compacts and rotates the mold after each blow while keeping track of the numbers of hammer blows and shutting off once a preset number of blows is reached. Design of Cantrol Soil Compactor allows the hammer to drop the required height into the soil in the mold which rotates circularly to distribute the blows uniformly over the surface of the specimen in the mold. The unit can be used to perform standard or modified compaction tests using a 5.5 lb. hammer with 12” height of drop or a 10 lb. hammer with 18” drop.

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