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Digital and Automatic CBR Testing Machines

Digital CBR Testing Machine:

The machines comprise two S. Steel column frame with adjustable upper crossbeam. The frame has 50kN capacity and the test speed is 1.27mm/min but returning speed is 5mm/min for easy re-testing. Cantrol designs two types of CBR testing Machines: Digital load readout CBR testing machine Automatic load and penetration CBR testing machine

Automatic CBR Testing Machine:

Automatic Digital CBR Testing Machine Multispeed automatic compression testing machine with digital control and readout unit, Force-Displacement (Flow) Graph (F-mm), motorized 70mm stroke ram, Two-Stainless Steel-column structure and adjustable crossbeam, Stainless Steel 50 Kn load cell, Internal Linear displacement transducer (LVT) and software for CBR and Marshall test separately. Automatic procedure of these two test started after the specimen is put on loading plate, the plate goes up at specific speed and Machine will stop automatically at the failure point and Loading plate will be returned in initial position. The online test result can be seen on display and F-L graph will be seen and printed. Specifications: a) The testing machine are suitable for CBR, Marshall, indirect tensile, unconfined compression and many other displacement controlled tests b)Loading capacity: 50 kN* 20N d) Clearance between columns: 290 mm e) Test speed: adjustable from 0.05 mm/min up to 51mm/min f) Automatic closed loop and uniform control of test speed g) Ram travel: 70 mm h) 7 inches touch screen TFT display made by Fatek company ( Taiwan), UL Approved i) Effective resolution: 24 bit j) Effective sampling rate: 50 Hz k) LAN-Ethernet communication port l) Data storage on USB and RS232 data transferring to PC m) Rapid approach and rapid return functions(50mm/min). n) Programmable upper limit of the travel, q) Load cell: Stainless Steel 50 kN fitted to crossbeam r) Internal Linear displacement transducer: 100 mm travel*0.01mm accuracy s), CBR, Indirect Tensile and Universal test, Penetration Piston for CBR test, Load cell, LVDT, Software

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