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ASTM D2435, D4546, D4186, D3877
BS 1377-5

Indicator Dimension Weight
Dial or Digital Gauge Each Apparatus 600x300x550mm Each Apparatus 60kg

Consolidometer apparatus is used to determine the consolidation of undisturbed soil. Main body is manufactured of rigid and machinery aluminum, long time loading is possible due to this high quality manufacturing. The frame is designed to load the specimen through a level arm assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios as 9:1, 10:1 and 11:1. Consolidometer set consists of:
  • 50 mm or 61.5 mm or 71.5 mm or 75 mm Cell quantity: 1
  • Sets of Weight consist of:(3) 8kg; (2) 4kg; (1) 2kg; (1) 1kg
  • Displacement gauges(10*0.01mm)or (5*0.002 mm) or 10*0.001mm digital should be ordered separately. The Powdered Coated Painted Heavy Duty Steel Stand should be ordered separately.

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Model: 2816010
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