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Fully Automatic Soil Direct Shear Testing Machine

ASTM D3080, AASHTO T236, BS 1377:7, CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10 and NF P94-071

Capacity Resolution PowerSupply Dimension Weight
10kN 2N 400W, 110V, 60Hz, 1ph, or 400W, 220V, 50hZ. 550*760*550mm 68kg

This PLC base processor system based advanced model, is a stand-alone machine, driven by two high-resolution servo-motor with epicyclical reduction gear with reduced backlash. One of servo-motor closed loop system for the automatic application of the axial force is used for applying axial stress, with the main advantage of eliminating the manual loading of the dead weights. Excellent and high resistance stainless steel material has been adopted for the carriage of the shear box. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and tear and is resistant to all chemicals found in a soil specimen. The carriage is lay down on two stainless steel liner rail bearings and easy to clean. The PLC base processor system reads and processes the forces, axial force and stress, displacement readings, manages the servo- motors, the safety system and the test steps through the closed loop system. 7inches TFT touch screen with large full graphic display help the technician to manage and change the initial parameters. The machine is supplied complete with the following electronic transducers: • ±10 kN capacity load cell, bi-directional type (compression and tension), nominal sensitivity 2mV/V, accuracy ±0.003% • Two 15 mm displacement transducer, 0.01 mm repeatability for vertical and horizontal displacements. • Complete Stainless steel box 100*100mm or 60*60mm, bronze powdered filters are included. • Two stainless steel liner rail bearings . Main Features • Automatic application of pre-set consolidation, from 0.01-0.5MPa • While starting the test, the reduction of specimen area (mm2) will be accrued, so the normal (vertical) stress will be changed (increased) due to area reduction! But our automatic processing system find out this reduction amount, and then modify the pre-stress on time. • Automatic test management from consolidation to failure: the operator is only requested to remove the clamping screws of the shear box • No dead weights and lever arm are requested • Vertical force positively applied to the shear box without friction • Straight connection between shear box, drive unit and load cell for the axial transmission of the horizontal force along the shearing plane • High resistance aluminum carriage, easy to clean • Easy and immediate set up of the test parameters via the large digital full color 7in touch screen graphic display • Possibility to set different speeds and travel (forward and reverse) in the residual shear tests • Each single step of axial force can be applied instantaneously or by means of a linear ramp in a pre-set time interval • Different and independent data recording for consolidation and failure • Different protocols of data downloading via RS 232 serial port or USB

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Model: 2819011
400W, 110V, 60Hz, 1ph
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Model: 2819012, 400W, 220V, 50Hz.
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