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Fine Aggregate Angularity Apparatus 1415040

AASHTO T 304 , ASTM C1252


The fine aggregate angularity (FAA) test is an indirect method of assessing the angularity of fine aggregate. Fine aggregate angularity is important because an excess of rounded fine aggregate (often in the form of natural sand) can lead to HMA rutting. The FAA test estimates fine aggregate angularity by measuring the loose uncompacted void content of a fine aggregate sample. On a sample of known gradation, the loose uncompacted void content is indicative of the relative angularity and surface texture of the sample. The higher the void content, the higher the assumed angularity and rougher the surface. A 100ml copper Cylindrical Measure, specified Funnel, Funnel Stand, and a Glass Plate for calibration are included, but Corrosion-Resistant, Stainless Steel Pan, Model: 3210040 should be ordered separately.

Accessories you may need:

Round Stainless Steel Pan 240 dia. 40 mm H
Model: 3210040
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