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Neoprene Pads

Concrete cylinders were tested for compressive strength using two capping systems. Neoprene pads confined in extrusion controllers were compared with sulfur-mortar caps for differences in testing variation, average strength, and economy. Additionally, neoprene pads are substantially less costly and hazardous than sulfur-mortar caps. Choice of Shore A durometer (hardness) is determined by the amount of compression with which the cylinder will be tested. Recommended durometers are: 1500 to 6000 psi (10 to 40) MPa: 50 durometer 2500 to 7000 psi (17 to 50) MPa: 60 durometer 4000 to 7000 psi (28 to 80) MPa: 70 durometer Pad Caps may be reused up to 100 times when testing in these ranges, however they should be discarded if they show excessive wear or cracking.

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